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As we go beyond our own selves to develop dialogue with the surroundings and our own selves, our current state of mind hopes to stay connected with the surroundings.



In a strong love of nature, the quietness and the simplicity of Chinese water colour paintings, Poon has been repetitively painting the mountains and waters of Guilin in different dimensions – by featuring the incessant exchanges between the deep blue tiles and white walls in addition to the blazing sun, he has been looking for the inner quietness echoed with the tranquility presented the natural surroundings.


In pursuit of a simple and pristine beauty of the world, the act of repeatedly painting the interchangeable state of mountains and waters is the artist's channel to be influenced by the sense of peacefulness and reinforce his own passion through prolonged observations. In addition to the visual encounter, the sensory experience of the encounter extends into the breezing sounds of winds and waves in connection with the blue-styled calmness.

Every painting pictures a different understanding of the beauty of the world.


Strongly in love with nature, Kwing Wing Poon is a well-known artist, photographer and film director with all-rounded talents. To focus on his efforts in painting, he has been emotionally attached to the tranquility and simplicity depicted in Chinese water colour paintings, and has a strong belief to share peacefulness by presenting the natural scenery of mountains and blue titled sea waters in Guilin in this exhibition. 

Kwing Wing Poon (Water)

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