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Windows (2022)

As encounters with the reachable surroundings continue, the suspicion towards the outer world is developing a stark contrast between one's inner self and outer world.


People have been struggling to fight against surrounding values and trends contrary to their own selves. In the changing contemporary urban society, people witness the transformation and the daily happenings including neighbours' chats and viral news images. Wong then developed a recurring habit of observing and photographing windows at her residential place, hoping to explore her own lifestyle and stay calm against all complicated feelings of sadness, anger and restlessness she sensed under such changes.


Wong's habit of observing, photographing and painting windows serves a medium to encounter her own emotional and emotional self despite the usual daily living, especially when she can reliever from all complicated feelings and feel rthe sense of peace and warmth received from windows. As her own living space, household items such as curtains are also included as her past memories of academic and family life and depicted windows as a getaway from the fluctuating urban life.

I find peace and lightness through windows amid the restless living in this city.


June Wong is a Hong Kong visual artist who loves to explore city life through moving images and drawing. Ranging from news images to chats from neighbours, all tiny elements from daily life become the essence of her works. In this exhibition, Wong is presenting her latest depiction of windows as intangible encounters with her inner calmness when contemporary urban life has been filled with various complicated feelings. 

June Wong

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