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Thank You, Card (2022)

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The true value of encounters comes from memories and expression of personal feelings, so it's time to construct our own journey of difference within repetition and encounter.


The power of re-creation of arts expands exponentially with the involvement of strangers - no matter he or she is the bus driver, the security guard or the store clerk you occasionally meet and can't say their names, the unique story enables others to encounter and spark new thoughts and feelings, and further inspire and create multiple forms of encounters through public participation.


Lai designed these cards in five styles - with different characters which she finds precious in the times of adversity during the pandemic, prompting us to remember deep in our heart. The curatorial team and the artist collaborated to design a home-like setting and encourage individual accomplishments of reflecting on one's important memories. You may recall your own cognitive thoughts and emotions at a relaxing mood and share your unique stories to practise repetition with differences in their own life.

Impressive stories of encountering strangers are repeating in a different way.


ElvaLai_photo by jonas westring1.jpg
Elva Lai believes each sensory experience between strangers cultivates “difference in itself” and emphasises the diversity of personal expression. Instead of art appreciation, Lai proposes the true meaning of art comes from a re-creation of art, especially when the creation of art mobilises the audience and explores one’s deep memories. In this exhibition, Lai is inviting visitors to share their comments about encountering, thus leaving a strong impression on one’s day-to-day experience. 

Elva Lai

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